Our History

Kinitiras is an internationally recognized artistic network connecting professionals and amateurs through the performing arts. It was founded in 1995-96 as a dance-theatre group, called Kinitiras Dance spectacle. Kinitiras’ features that are worth to be mentioned are:

  • the emphasis on diversity of performers and other collaborators,
  • the participation in European programs and festivals in Greece and abroad,
  • the approach in education and its proposals in this area through the performing arts,
  • the emphasis on research and intercultural through the establishment of Kinitiras Studio, the first Residency Centre for performing arts in Greece,
  • the sustainability and growth in periods with different challenges,
  • the participation character that goes further than local and professional boundaries.

Kinitiras has created the project EK PLIXI which brought dance into the school and especially in primary education. Since 2010 Kinitiras has established the In Progress-Feedback Festival for young artists as well as contest performances through which young artists have emerged with influential contribution in the cultural map of the country. Finally, Kinitiras Choreography Lab, creating a multicultural environment, has been an important innovation within the dance sector in Greece and internationally from 2011 to 2014.

Information about our projects and actions can also be found at our archive page, at www.youtube.com/user/kinitiras as well as at www.ekplixi.com.


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