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Kinitiras curation and residency at Lo studio

Kinitiras Network for Performing arts based in Athens is curating a long residency in LO STUDIO, Switzerland, inviting women dance makers to create based on the thematic umbrella of transition, mostly focusing on the idea of Femininity in transition.

Kinitiras opens its wings…

The time has come for us to move on to a new model of artistic existence that will continue to unite artists and amateurs from Greece and abroad without Kinitiras having a permanent base.

Eva Borrmann / PLAN MEE: Residency at Kinitiras

Eva Borrmann / PLAN MEE will be at Kinitiras as a resident artist from the April 29th until May 6th 2019. During her residency, Eva, along with the dramaturgists Lisa Hrubesch and Julia Opitz, will start her practical research on “The Building”.