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A collective and performative artistic network in motion
EK PLIXI: Το δικό μου ψάρι | My own fish

Alice had started getting bored sitting on the grass...

Κinitiras is home to artists from all over the world. They live and work in the studio and they share their research through workshops, lectures and performances.

  • Dance, theatre, vocals workshops
  • Choreography - Theatre studio
  • Yoga, Contemporary dance, Feldenkrais, Improvisation, Dance Aerobics

During the last decade the destabilized sociopolitical and artistic landscape of the Athenian stage in the performing arts has evoked several artistic expressions and forms.

The case of Kinitiras provides an interesting example of an self-organized structure that has experimented with different projects throughout the last 20 years in order to provoke, influence or change many of the existing systems and theories and has undergone several changes and transformations in order to find its voice and to maintain its financial and artistic sustainability.

Several practices performed by Kinitiras over the years include:

  • The collective nature of the actions, both artistic and activist (dancers, performers, theoreticians, artists, students, amateurs of all ages form the decision making body and often the creative team through a rotational, interrelative and dialogical system).
  • The choice of being marginal yet in the center of the city, of creating the first artistic residency in Athens and by always maintaining a vibrant presence in the neighborhood (Koukaki) as well as in the politics of independent performance/theatre venues.
  • The performances consist of a variety of bodily actions and movements, music and setting experimentations, everyday texts, poetry and literature, all brought in the rehearsals, become the core of individual performances or of series of dialectical projects.

Kinitiras is an “artists’ residence”. In its space accommodates with no extra cost (following international standards) artists from all over the world, providing the necessary conditions for research, production and performance of their work. The artistic residency centre is the new dynamic social form of promoting creative interaction and collaboration between artists and the local community. Every artist is provided with the opportunity of approaching new audiences, while the public gets more familiar with artists, art forms and techniques.

The aim of the Artistic Residency Centre is to bring the local community closer to different cultures and to involve the audience in artistic activities with special interest.

  • Kinitiras is the first Artistic residency centre for the performance arts in Greece.
  • It is a member of Res Artis, the official Residency Centres World association.
  • The centre draws on the experience of the “KINITIRAS Dance Theatre” company, which has contributed into bringing dance theatre to the Greek audience during the last thirteen years.
  • Kinitiras is based in Acropolis area, in the centre of Athens. Its location is a symbol of Kinitira’s connection to the art and culture and it is easily accessible to the public.
  • Kinitiras chooses carefully its guest artists ensuring exceptional quality of services.
  • The educational programs that take place are diverse and specially focused covering a wide range of interests and needs of the public.
  • Kinitiras, being the performance hub of the works of significant Greek and international artists, contributes in promoting Greek dance theatre abroad and in Greek provincial areas.
  • Kinitras program is open to professional artists and to whoever is an art lover. It supports mutliculturism and equal opportunities, actively opposing racism.
  • Kinitiras has a step free access for wheelchair users.
Kinitiras studio provides:
*Res Artis

Res Artis started in 1993 and is the Network of Artistic Residency Centre programs, which represents more than 300 artistic centres in more than 50 countries internationally.

Indicative countries are: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece – Kinitiras Studio, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Normandy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Slovenia, S. Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switcherland, Tanzania, Holland, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam. Res Artis has been operating since 1993.

Artistic Residency Centre
Erechteiou 22, Acropolis
Athens 11742
Τel: +30 210 9248 328

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