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Residency and open presentation at Kinitiras studio on Wednesday 22/7/2015 at 20.30


  • Open presentation on Saturday 18/4/2015 at 21.15


  • open presentation on Saturday 1/11/2014, from 20.00


  • Residency and open presentation from Lindsey Renee Derry on Friday 13/6/2014, 21.15


  • Residency and open presentation of Sergio Mendes and Lia Chamilothori

  • Residency and open presentation on Sunday 27/4/2014 at 18.00

  • free workshop on Saturday 8/2/2014 12.00-15.00


with the musician/ composer Aftab Darvishi


Application deadline: 31/5/2013


within the Arts Festival 2013

3 – 4 November, 15.00-19.00

With Georg Hobmeier

21-22 July 2012 21.15

a dance performance about our daily madness

Opening: 29 December 2011, 18:00-20:00

(Finland/Greece) is the resident artist of Kinitiras studio for the winter season

11 June - 30 July

Elena Pega-Patrick Morris-Steffi Mueller
4-11/7 residency SUPERHEROES
Tuesday 12/7 performance starts at 9.15μ.μ
Entrance fee: 15€ for 2 persons, 10€ for 1 person

Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June 2011 at 21.15

at kinitiras studio artistic residency centre with the support of British Council

31/5 - 18/6 - 2010

Master Class – Physical Comedy, Tuesday 8th June / 14.00-17.00

14/5 - 20/5 - 2010

"Espiralidad" – The dance of 4 elements

5/4 - 15/4 - 2010

‘‘Pre-Expressivity and Scenic Presence’‘

23 /1 - 7 /2 - 2010

Workshop – Generous Performance‚

6 - 10/2 - 2010
13 - 20 /12 - 2010
14 - 22/11 - 2010

Workshop: Detail matters

5/10 - 20/10 - 2009

Skinner Releasing Technique Workshops

20/7 - 4/8 - 2009 και 7/2 - 26/2 - 2010

Accompanied by music! Movement – Improvisation – Vocals – Composition With Maya Lipsker and Roy Carroll, 20-21/2/2012 11.00 -15.00

Dance workshop With Maya Lipsker

Ludvig Daae, Joanna Perez Nordahl: Residency and open presentation

Ludvig Daae and Joanna Perez Nordahl will be at Kinitiras studio as resident artists from 13 to 20 of April 2015 working on their new research project, HYPERFRUIT.

They will also present the result of their former collaboration, MM, at an open presentation on Saturday 18/4/2015, 21.15 at Kinitiras studio.

In HYPERFRUIT, Ludvig Daae and Joanna Perez Nordahl collaborate again after the piece MM. This time, they look at how the internet has changed our communication and our ability to process information. Now that we can communicate easily with someone that is far away, does that make it easier for us to be away from someone? What is the actual difference between Skype and meeting someone in person? We are more than willing to change almost every aspect of our lives according to the technical development, so why do we hold on to some traditions, like a traditional way of looking at relationships and dramaturgy, when the rest of our lives is untraditional? Can we change a traditional dramaturgy of a stage piece? Can internet, with its fast pace and arbitrariness, function as a dramaturgy for a dance piece?

In MM, Ludvig Daae does a virtual duet with himself. We are invited to see how Ludvig is negotiating with and relating to himself on film in an artistic process where he is both the creator and the performer.MM plays with how the choreographer is present during the performance and an objectification of the dancer on stage. As MM progresses, new layers appear. The film gets its own role as the language of the film shows a display of things that are impossible to recreate live on stage. Movie creator Joanna Nordahl’s voice grows as the performance goes on, and the artistic choices she made while editing the film gets more space. Is the movie a part of the solo or a comment on the solo, and in that case; where are the borders of the solo? Are both the film and the live solo two halves of a whole? From the two versions of the same person, whom do you relate to the strongest? Is it possible for the live solo to function on its own, without the film, or is it dependent on the film as a commentary and filter? Are things happening live for the film to be able to comment on it, or is the film commenting to justify what is going on live?
MM was created for, and co-produced by festival:display

Daae and Nordahl’s previous collaboration, the solo performance MM, has been shown more than 85 times in ten different countries in more than 50 venues across Europe. In 2013 MM was chosen to be part of the international dance network Aerowaves as the only Nordic act. The piece is currently on a 15-venue tour of Sweden in collaboration with Dance Net Sweden, following the 26-venue tour of Norway in the spring of 2014 in collaboration with The National Touring Theatre Norway. Upcoming shows include performances in Brussels and San Francisco.

Ludvig Daae is educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He has worked as a dancer for many choreographers, including Deborah Hay and Mårten Spångberg. His own works have been presented in various venues across Europe, including The Norwegian National Opera (NO), The Place (UK), Mousonturm (DE), Dansens Hus (SE).

Joanna Perez Nordahl is currently screening at San Fransisco International Dance Film Festival. She has a wide experience within feature films, music videos, dance films, commercials and art projects. Her latest works include her own TV-show at the national Swedish tv channel and videos for several Swedish artists.

Concept, choreography, dance: Ludvig Daae
Film direction, editing, sound: Joanna Perez Nordahl
B-photo, production assistant, press photo: Karolina Bengtsson
Sound recording: Martin Lindström
Grading, post: Johan Wik
Electrician: Mattias Montero
Music: Lune, John De Lira Lindberg
Technique: Pavlos Mavridis

When: Saturday 18/4/2015
Hour: 21.15
Duration: 30’
Call for reservations: 210-9248328
Free entrance

With the support of the Norwegian Embassy, the Norwegian Institute of Athens and Arts Council Norway.

Artistic Residency Centre
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