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Residency and open presentation at Kinitiras studio on Wednesday 22/7/2015 at 20.30


  • Open presentation on Saturday 18/4/2015 at 21.15


  • open presentation on Saturday 1/11/2014, from 20.00


  • Residency and open presentation from Lindsey Renee Derry on Friday 13/6/2014, 21.15


  • Residency and open presentation of Sergio Mendes and Lia Chamilothori

  • Residency and open presentation on Sunday 27/4/2014 at 18.00

  • free workshop on Saturday 8/2/2014 12.00-15.00


with the musician/ composer Aftab Darvishi


Application deadline: 31/5/2013


within the Arts Festival 2013

3 – 4 November, 15.00-19.00

With Georg Hobmeier

21-22 July 2012 21.15

a dance performance about our daily madness

Opening: 29 December 2011, 18:00-20:00

(Finland/Greece) is the resident artist of Kinitiras studio for the winter season

11 June - 30 July

Elena Pega-Patrick Morris-Steffi Mueller
4-11/7 residency SUPERHEROES
Tuesday 12/7 performance starts at 9.15μ.μ
Entrance fee: 15€ for 2 persons, 10€ for 1 person

Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June 2011 at 21.15

at kinitiras studio artistic residency centre with the support of British Council

31/5 - 18/6 - 2010

Master Class – Physical Comedy, Tuesday 8th June / 14.00-17.00

14/5 - 20/5 - 2010

"Espiralidad" – The dance of 4 elements

5/4 - 15/4 - 2010

‘‘Pre-Expressivity and Scenic Presence’‘

23 /1 - 7 /2 - 2010

Workshop – Generous Performance‚

6 - 10/2 - 2010
13 - 20 /12 - 2010
14 - 22/11 - 2010

Workshop: Detail matters

5/10 - 20/10 - 2009

Skinner Releasing Technique Workshops

20/7 - 4/8 - 2009 και 7/2 - 26/2 - 2010

Accompanied by music! Movement – Improvisation – Vocals – Composition With Maya Lipsker and Roy Carroll, 20-21/2/2012 11.00 -15.00

Dance workshop With Maya Lipsker


‘‘Pre-Expressivity and Scenic Presence’‘

The Kinitiras studio -Αrtistic Residency Centre in cooperation with the Full House Promotion organise in Athens 6th – 11th April 2010 (10.00-18.00), a six day intensive workshop on the principles and methods of the Goossun Artillery, guided by the artistic director Vahid and is for professionals and amateurs actors, dancers and performers
The worksop Pre-Expressivity and Scenic Presence is one of the workshops that Goossun Art-illery offers to performers (actors and dancers). It is an introduction to the method that the performers of the company Goossun Art-illery use, which are a result of the research of the company’s artistic director Vahid about the techniques that have influenced the 20th century theatre, like Stanislavski, Craig, Grotowski and Odin Teatret. He combines the technical part but also the artistic and cultural perspective on those theatre reforms that connect their heritage with their work at Goossun Art-illery.
Vahid’s direction and personal studies with various teachers and top artists like Eugenio Barba, Augusto Boal, Akira Matsui, Augusto Omolú, as well as his personal experiences, have contributed in developing his special teaching method that aims at creating for each performer unique ways of eliminating difficulties without following a homogenous methodological approach. 

The 6 day workshop aims at strengthening basic physical and vocal techniques for actors and dancers. It consists of: – Exercises – Producing materials – Material editing – Improvisation 
The artistic director of HamletZar, Vahid, is an Iranian film and play writer who decided to move to Europe ( Denmark) in 2001, when bans and censorship put an end at the activities of the experimental theatrical company Goossun Artillery which was created in 1997. Vahid’s contact with Europe as an immigrant built for him a new identity which inspired his work having a more political perspective. HamletZar isn’t just a performance about Hamlet but a project about immigration in Europe. Hamlet’s effort to claim back whatever is his right to have led him to the Kingdom of Denmark looking for a better future. At the same time, Vahid’s interest in Zar, a therapeutic ritual from Middle East that uses the “demon” and the “spirit” as a medium for the “patient” to dance and express his needs through movement and the demon’s voice that has possessed him, is paralleled to the “ghost” as a dramaturgy tool for Hamlet’s thoughts to become dramatized. In essence, during Zar’s ritual, the spirits act as a medium that express Hamlet’s wishes.

1. Meeting two different cultural and reconstructive forms; Elizabethian theatre and Zar from the Middle East. 2. Commenting on issues around immigration and problems connected to that. 3. Creating a new specific technique combining the Theatre of the Oppressed and the Anthropology of Theatre 
4. Creating a company where it would be possible to share knowledge among known and new artists 
5. Creating a communication network

The workshop will be in English

Information – applications:
210 9248328

Supported by the BRITISH COUNCIL

HamletZar is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, The Danish Art Council, Danish Center for Culture and Development, Central Denmark Region and The Municipality of Aarhus. The Research and Development residencies are held in partnership with Odin Teatret (DK),Goldsmiths, University of London (UK), Dance Base (UK), The Pinter Center (UK) The Barbican Centre (UK), Visiting Arts (UK), 176 (UK), Laboratoriet (DK), Soheil Parsa/Modern Times Stage Company (CAN),MT Space (CAN) Maqamat (LEB), Leish Troupe (SYR), La Musica (EGY),Danish Development Centre forPerforming Arts (DK) Kinitiras Studio (GRE) Full House Promotion (GRE) Free From Fire (ES), Super Green (DK) and vonpang Ltd (UK)

Vahid’s directing abilities and studies with different teachers and top artists, like Eugenio Barba, Augusto Boal, Akira Matsui, Augusto Omolú, as well as his personal experiences, have contributed in creating a special training approach which aims in developing unique ways for each performer to overcome any possible difficulties, without trying to apply a homogenous method.

Artistic Residency Centre
Ερεχθείου 22, Ακρόπολη
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Τηλ: 210.9248 328

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