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Residency and open presentation at Kinitiras studio on Wednesday 22/7/2015 at 20.30


  • Open presentation on Saturday 18/4/2015 at 21.15


  • open presentation on Saturday 1/11/2014, from 20.00


  • Residency and open presentation from Lindsey Renee Derry on Friday 13/6/2014, 21.15


  • Residency and open presentation of Sergio Mendes and Lia Chamilothori

  • Residency and open presentation on Sunday 27/4/2014 at 18.00

  • free workshop on Saturday 8/2/2014 12.00-15.00


with the musician/ composer Aftab Darvishi


Application deadline: 31/5/2013


within the Arts Festival 2013

3 – 4 November, 15.00-19.00

With Georg Hobmeier

21-22 July 2012 21.15

a dance performance about our daily madness

Opening: 29 December 2011, 18:00-20:00

(Finland/Greece) is the resident artist of Kinitiras studio for the winter season

11 June - 30 July

Elena Pega-Patrick Morris-Steffi Mueller
4-11/7 residency SUPERHEROES
Tuesday 12/7 performance starts at 9.15μ.μ
Entrance fee: 15€ for 2 persons, 10€ for 1 person

Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June 2011 at 21.15

at kinitiras studio artistic residency centre with the support of British Council

31/5 - 18/6 - 2010

Master Class – Physical Comedy, Tuesday 8th June / 14.00-17.00

14/5 - 20/5 - 2010

"Espiralidad" – The dance of 4 elements

5/4 - 15/4 - 2010

‘‘Pre-Expressivity and Scenic Presence’‘

23 /1 - 7 /2 - 2010

Workshop – Generous Performance‚

6 - 10/2 - 2010
13 - 20 /12 - 2010
14 - 22/11 - 2010

Workshop: Detail matters

5/10 - 20/10 - 2009

Skinner Releasing Technique Workshops

20/7 - 4/8 - 2009 και 7/2 - 26/2 - 2010

Accompanied by music! Movement – Improvisation – Vocals – Composition With Maya Lipsker and Roy Carroll, 20-21/2/2012 11.00 -15.00

Dance workshop With Maya Lipsker

in Progress Festival > residency SUPERHEROES

Elena Pega-Patrick Morris-Steffi Mueller
4-11/7 residency SUPERHEROES
Tuesday 12/7 performance starts at 9.15μ.μ
Entrance fee: 15€ for 2 persons, 10€ for 1 person

In Progress Festival, which will take place during the summer of 2011 at Kinitiras Studio, the first Artistic Residency Centre for the performance arts in Greece, is a festival of “short length” works, of performances of the process that took place during the whole year in and outside of the studio, with the collaboration of the artists and the community.
The main aim of the In Progress Festival is the development of the creative process and how this can be influenced by the public opinion.
Dance, theatre, Video art, workshops and residencies will alternate during the summer months in Kinitiras studio.

After the success of the 1st residency SUPERHEROES in December 2010, Kinitiras studio – artistic residency centre organises the 2nd international residency SUPERHEROES from 4 until 11 July, this time with support by the British Council .
The Greek play writer Elena Pega together with the English director Patrick Morris (founder of the Menagerie Theatre) and the Swiss actres Steffi Mueller (founder of the subversive group Hoipolloi) continue the research process that they had started in Cambridge in England about superheroes, and how they can become alive on stage through the comics pages, and save the world. Who are the heroes today? Which acts are considered heroic? What are the powers of the contemporary superheroes and how these powers are activated? Do we all have some special powers? Are we all potential superheroes? And punishers? Does imagination have powers? Does imagination have the power to change circumstances?

Short biographies
Elena Pega: Play writer and director. She also writes fiction books and scripts. She studied theatre and philosophy in the Wesleyan university in Connecticut in the USA and script-play writing in the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
She performed her first works in innovative theatres in New York and she returned to Greece during the ‘90s. Among other works she has written “Waltz Excitacion” (Amore, 1998), “Kate Kollvitts presents a short history of modern art” (Fournos, 1999), “3-0-1 Μetafores” (National Theatre, 2000) “When the GO-GO dancers dance” (Booze, 2002), “ Nelly’s takes her dog for a walk” (Dimitria, 2003), “New Friends” (Κ.TH.V.Ε., 2006), “ Fedra or Alkistis Love Stories” (Delfoi, 2007), “The new clothes of the emperor” (Plus Soda 1999 & Roes, 2009).
She often includes historical facts and figures in her works, like the composer Giannis Konstantinidis, the photographer Nelly’s, the German engraving artist Kate Kollvits or classic stories, through which she attempts to define the present. Characteristic feature of her works is the use of new technologies and the interaction with other art forms, like dance and visual arts. Aiming at this interaction, she tries to perform her works in non-conforming theatre spaces, like galleries, clubs and fashion platforms (πασαρελα). Her works have been translated into Dutch, Swedish, German, French, Italian, English and have been performed in San Francisco, New York, Lisbon, Holland and Saudi Arabia. In Greece her novels ( πεζα) are published by Agra publishing and her plays by Nefeli publishing. She has also written the script for the award film by Lakis Papastathis “ The only journey of his life”. She is teaching play writing at the Theatrology department of the Patra University and and at the ITI in Athens. Together with Konstantinos Rigos she has worked for many years in Oktana group’s performances and in K.TH.V.E.

Patrick Morris: director and actor with a 20 year experience in the UK and USA. Since 1989 until 1999 he worked as an actor in the USA with well-known figures of American theatre like Joseph Chaikin, Maria Irene Fornes, Tom Stoppard, Joseph Papp Public Theatre in New York, San Francisco Mime Troupe. He returned to the UK in 1999 when he co-founded the Menagerie Theatre Company in Cambridge, which today is one of the most important theatres of the country promoting contemporary plays. Menagerie asks writers through the Hotbed Festival to write contemporary plays and promotes the best of them during the Edinburgh Festival, in London stages and in tours. He cooperates with some of the most important English writers like Fraser Grace, Steve Waters, Naomi Wallace. Nowadays Patrick directs for Menagerie the new work Four for Jericho, a subversive comedy that take places within the background of political tension in Middle East. He will also direct the Let Newton Be, a work that looks into the influence of Isaac Newton on science and religion. His cooperation with Elena Pega started in 2005-2006 in Cambridge during two workshops on Superheroes.

Stefanie Mueller: actress, scenographer and associate director του Hoipolloi. She studied in the Royal University in Switcherland and then in the International School of Theatre Jaques Lecoq in Paris. In 1994 she cofounded the theatre group Hoipolloi and she has coproduced and taken part in all of its performances which have toured in the UK and the rest of Europe, as well as in the USA and Philippines. The biggest and the most recent performance was The Doubtful Guest, a coproduction with Theatre Royal Plymouth. Stefanie has also planned and codirected the awarded work of Hoipolloi in cooperation with Hugh Hughes, “Floating Story of A Rabbit” and “ 360 “. Apart from Hoipolloi some of the recent works are “ The Red Ladies” with Clod Ensemble, “Jewel in the Lotus” with Crow Show, “Correspondence”, “The Forgotten War”, “Peacemaker” with Menagerie Theatre Company. Stefanie has also worked in France and Switcherland as an actor, scenographer and workshop leader. She has recently taught in the Twickenham University in London.

With the support of British Council

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