Kinitiras is a very active company that gets involved in many and various areas related to the performance arts, the educational programs and the artistic intercultural relationships in a very friendly and family like environment.

In Kinitiras studio you meet new people from all over the world but also from your neighborhood. That is why it is an (employment) environment that many young people have supported through volunteering or through their internships in order to complete their studies.

In Kinitiras you learn:

To organize a performance or a festival
To feed the cat
To write a newsletter
To design a poster or a flyer
To put together a workshop
To express yourself through dance and theatre
To wash dishes in a better way
To draft a funding proposal
To run the lights and the sound of a performance
To practice your foreign language skills
To pick the recycling items from the rubbish
To show Greek hospitality

In Kinitiras you receive specific guiding, support and mentoring in relation to your professional life, your family life, your dreams and sometimes… your personal life.

In Kinitiras you become part of a professional family.
Since its first years of existence the company was relied on volunteering and it has given the opportunity to many young people to find their position in the artistic and educational sector.

So if you want to amplify your CV, to gain experience and to network with people like you, please send your CV in info@kinitiras.com.