At Kinitiras we are united by some basic principles of human, artistic and working coexistence. Principles formed after years of common artistic life. Going through the third decade of our lives on the cultural map of Greece, we have now created a common ethos that unites us and gives us purpose and strength to act as artists and as human beings, either while at Kinitiras Network or independently.

Our actions are in some way, directly or indirectly, linked to social awakening through art by exploring issues of social justice, equality, democracy and ecology.

We have created a code of common aesthetics which is now our artistic identity. This code is open to all ages, body types, races and disabilities. Our main inspiration comes from everyday life and the people themselves. We give emphasis on the aesthetic detail of each action regarding the costumes, the sets and the image in general. The music options combine different types of sounds without aesthetic racism.

We prioritize good personal relationships and the human face of our business relationships. At Kinitiras there is respect for diversity and there is room for all voices to be heard. Working conditions are mutually agreed upon by clear relations of remuneration, insurance, or voluntary work.

Lifelong learning is an integral part of our artistic and educational quality. We believe and we prove it in practice how important it is for the development of our (artistic) identity.

In Kinitiras we strengthen the openness and the cooperation with colleagues from Greece and all over the world which cultivates the cultural exchange but also the exchange of ideas and good practices.