Who We Are

Kinitiras is an internationally recognized artistic network connecting professionals and amateurs through the performing arts.

It was founded in 1995-96 as a dance-theatre group.

Kinitiras’ features that are worth to be mentioned are:

  • the emphasis on diversity of performers and other collaborators,
  • the participation in European programs and festivals in Greece and abroad,
  • the approach in education and its proposals in this area through the performing arts,
  • the emphasis on research and intercultural relations through the establishment of Kinitiras Studio, the first Residency Centre for performing arts in Greece and its continuation in a new model of “artistic residence” without a permanent base collaborating with other organizations in Greece and abroad,
  • the sustainability and growth in periods with different challenges,
  • the participation character that goes further than local and professional boundaries,
  • The involvement of young people in social dialogue through the performing arts (Erasmus Youth Exchange/Training Programs),creation of company Kinitiras Youth,
  • The creation of the group Kinitiras Ω (Omega) so that mature adults have access to dance and theatre through a creative community.

Kinitiras has created the project EK PLIXI which brought dance into the school, especially in primary education, and from 2019 in secondary education as well through the project “Truth or Dare” with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture. From 2010 Kinitiras has established the In Progress Feedback Festival as well as performance competitions through which artists have emerged with influential contribution in the cultural map of the country.

Kinitiras’ artistic practices focus on dance theatre, physical theatre, devised theatre and the theatre of the oppressed. The creative processes are influenced by the theory of Rudolf Laban regarding time, space and qualities of movement. Additionally, black humor and autosarcasm are main characteristics in Kinitiras artistic work.

Kinitiras is one of the first dance theatre companies in Greece who performed outdoors and created full length site-specific pieces. The group of artists that consist the company are mainly dancers, actors, mucisians and visual artists. However, Kinitiras is always welcoming the collaboration between professional and amateur performers during the theatre making.

Social and political issues such as womens’ rights, age racism, refugees’ issues and lgbtq rights are always in the main subject umbrella for its creations. Kinitiras   has formed its own performative genre during its 23 years of existence. Collective dance theatre making is one of its main targets during the last few years.

Kinitiras is member of Res Artis and of City of Athens – Athens Culture Net.

For more information you may visit  www.youtube.com/user/kinitiras and www.ekplixi.com.