Who We Are

Kinitiras is an internationally recognised artistic network, connecting professionals and amateurs through the performing arts.
It was founded in 1995-96 as a dance-theatre group, called Kinitiras Dance spectacle.

Some of Kinitiras’ main actions include:

  • emphasis on diversity. Working with people from different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic,academic and professional backgrounds
  • participation in European programs and festivals in Greece and abroad
  • the involvement of young people in social dialogue through the performing arts (Erasmus Youth Exchange/Training Programs)
  • alternative approaches in education through the performing arts
  • research and intercultural collaborations through the establishment of Kinitiras Studio (the first Residency Centre for performing arts in Greece)
  • encouraging sustainability and growth during challenging sociopolitical times
  • social inclusion actions
  • the creation of the group Kinitiras Ω (Omega) so that mature adults have access to dance and theatre through a creative community.
Kinitiras has created the project EK PLIXI which brought the art of dance into schools, especially in primary education and from 2019 and on in secundary education as well with the program “Truth or Dare” with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture.
Since 2010 Kinitiras has established the “In Progress-Feedback Festival” as well as performance competitions through which many artists have emerged and influenced the cultural scene in Greece.

For more information you may visit www.youtube.com/user/kinitiras and www.ekplixi.com.