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Transition | Enter Communities of Body → International Community Dance Residency, 16/11-20/12/20

Dance is everywhere and dancing never stops. Dance, because we are reborn!
Get ready for a series of international Community Dance events by dance artists responding to the challenges of today using their creative power. Blaise Mangitukulu from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Emilie Vaudou from France, Marilena Sitaropoulou from Greece and Patricia Woltmann from Germany work in the flesh, remotely and online to create workshops and works in progress that express and enrich the community. .

WHO ARE YOU? – Commmunity Dance Workshop with Blaise Mangitukulu

The workshop will bring together the dancers on the theme of expressing hope despite the difficulties encountered in life; despite the cruelties our mothers, our sisters and we ourselves face every day; it will be about making the dancers understand their place in this martyred society; what should be their reaction; what is their mission … what must be their coded language as an African artist dancer; it will be about making them understand what they are dancing and also the most effective way to get the message across to the community, body language.

Dislocated Angle – Community Dance Workshop with Patricia Woltmann

Together we will explore the space of transition between the not-knowing and the knowing though the immediate experience of the body. Which transitions are there into future? How do we navigate through transitions, how are there embodied? Together we investigate movement in the space between the present and the future, its resonance in our surroundings.